The Salesforce Cloud Futura Program

Our participants 2023: Julia, Lotte and Araxia

Salesfive is proud to introduce our three Cloud Futura candidates Julia Sobolewska, Lotte Scheerer and Araxia Davtian.

What is the Cloud Futura program?

Salesforce's goal is to pass on their entire pre-sales knowledge to their partners. So it's all about best practices and knowledge sharing. They want to enable their partners to run the best possible pre-sales. To achieve this, Salesforce is investing a lot of time and energy in the nine-month program. This year, the project started with a four-day boot camp. In various workshops, the participants receive targeted training and helpful skills - they gain unique and deep insights into the Salesforce product world.

About Julia

Julia Sobolewska

I have been with Salesfive since December 2021. Already in my previous job as an account manager at a Berlin-based startup, I loved dealing with software systems and presenting them. At Salesfive, I was able to expand this passion even further and become part of a young, down-to-earth and professional team - perfect for me to develop and grow in the long term.

About Lotte

Lotte Scheerer

My journey at Salesfive started in December 2020 - at that time as a working student. After successfully completing my master's degree in business administration, I then started working full-time at Salesfive in February 2021. In my previous positions as a working student at Capgemini and KPMG, I already had a lot to do with Salesforce. At that time, I was still a user. I always really liked reporting, working with dashboards in Salesforce and Sales in general - at Salesfive I can combine all my preferences.

About Araxia

Araxia Davtian

I actually came across Salesfive because a former employee I knew from my studies raved about the diverse and exciting consulting job and the great corporate culture. Now I've been working for a year myself as a Business Analyst at Salesfive and very happy with my decision - the job change has brought me a big step forward in my career. Previously, I worked as a CRM manager at a Swiss industrial company. Salesfive now allows me to combine my strengths. I can conduct scoping workshops with customers, develop suitable solution designs, but also tackle the implementation of the Salesforce solution - so there's a bit of everything.

Experience and expectations

Julia and Lotte work as Salesfive Sales Engineer in Germany, Araxia as Business Analyst in Switzerland - now they get to look behind the scenes of the global company Salesforce. Salesfive has been participating in the Cloud Futura program since 2018. Our first participant at the time was consultant and later architect Christian Guhl. His conclusion: Cloud Futura gave him the opportunity to dive even deeper into Salesforce's diverse product world, get to know customers, discover novel business concepts and solutions, and of course become part of a unique team. 

Julia Sobolewska is hoping for the same:  

I want to interact with and learn from other Solution Engineers. I also want to dive even deeper into the way Salesforce sells. The storytelling at Salesforce is unique - I'm sure I can take a lot away from that and also incorporate it into my work at Salesfive. The program is designed to take the skills of Solution Engineers to the next level, and that's exactly what I signed up for.

Lotte Scheerer is especially looking forward to building a Salesforce network and further expanding her skills:  

I hope to get a lot out of the program and learn a lot: build a Salesforce network, meet a lot of new people and learn a lot in terms of Sales - how does Salesforce itself sell Salesforce?

Both candidates are predestined to participate in this great project, as they have been working in presales for a long time. Both Lotte and Julia were nominated for the program by their colleagues. This is a new challenge, which the two of them will face and grow with.

At Salesfive, several people have already participated in the program and I have only heard good things. Therefore I was inspired to participate as well. - Julia  

Araxia was also nominated by colleagues - she is participating in the Swiss Salesforce Cloud Futura program and brings further exciting expectations to the program as a Business Analyst:

I hope to gain expertise in technical presales and soon become a certified Salesforce Solution Engineer. This is because as a Business Analyst, I currently focus mainly on implementing Salesforce solutions for customers. So I expect to build on the knowledge I have acquired and complement it with expertise in technical sales.

What does this mean for our customers?

At Salesfive, we are honored that three Fivers were selected to be part of the program this year. One benefit: now twice as much knowledge can be learned and used to take Salesfive to the next level.

After the nine-month program, Julia, Lotte and Araxia will be able to advise our customers with even more expertise and industry knowledge. The know-how, contacts and exchanges that we have acquired will also benefit the companies that decide to start digitization with Salesfive. So that we can get the best out of your company.