Salesfive Switzerland - Growth Award, Team & more

We hold another Growth Award in our hands - this time for our site in Switzerland.

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Salesforce Awards Switzerland FY21

Thank you to Salesforce for the "Sales Excellence Partner" award with the highest growth in co-selling. We are incredibly happy to have been rewarded again for our work and expertise and are more than proud of this award. We are doing our best to make this a tradition now and to bring the award home to Switzerland again next year! In co-selling, we have increased by an incredible 1181% compared to last year. We now have to surpass this figure!

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Our Key Performance Indicators

KPIs Salesfive Switzerland

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Swiss location in more detail. Convince yourself of our expertise - the KPIs speak for themselves.

  • Over 100 Opportunities won from 2019 to 2021

  • 119 total converted leads

  • 42 completed projects

  • An average of 3.2 certificates per employee:in

  • 19 Total certificates

Time to say thank you: to the Salesforce ESMB, CBU and EBU team for your support. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our partner manager Vanessa Gentile and our partner manager Christian Schmid. It is a great pleasure to work with you and we are looking forward to the future.

Our team

Who is behind it? Our team in Switzerland is growing and growing. It's time to introduce you to the Salesforce experts and IT specialists in more detail! We asked them what their career at Salesforce has been like, what they like best about the team and where they see the Zurich location in the next five years.

Alexander Bartels

Alexander Bartels is Managing Director at Salesfive and has been an integral part of the management team for many years. He supports Tobias and the team from a management perspective and is therefore an important part of Salesfive Switzerland. He started as Director in Munich - since 2020 he is Managing Director. The team and company cohesion are unique for him. He knows that when he comes into the office, the employees are laughing together with him every day!

Zurich will remain the main location for our activities in Switzerland. From there, we will continue to expand their digitization strategy together with many customers.

Tobias Altenrichter

Tobias Altenrichter is Managing Director of Salesfive Consulting AG. He co-founded and built up the Swiss office. What he likes best about his team is the cohesion and the pragmatic approach - because short distances increase effectiveness.

Salesfive wants to become the largest Salesforce Boutique Partner in the DACH region and the Swiss team plays a central role here. It's great to see the development of the team and Salesfive. We are already one of the top providers in the area of digitalization.

Marc Robin Dück

Marc Robin Dück is a Business Analyst at Salesfive in Zurich. He started in June 2020 and is on the Salesforce Architects career path. The next steps are to become a Salesforce Consultant and then a Solution Engineer, which is the first specialization step for the Architecture Path. The fact that the team is both helpful and ambitious and the atmosphere is always good motivates him.

The Zurich location will become a central unit for Salesfive as it is the first location outside of Germany and therefore has a high strategic value. The growth of the Salesforce market in the DACH region is fast, which means that the team will get bigger - I expect that we will have 40+ people in Switzerland.

Cyrielle Valentin

Cyrielle Valentin is a Salesforce Consultant. As the first member of the Swiss team, Cyrielle assisted in the initial set-up of the office. She started as a Business Analyst and is now in a Salesforce Consultant position with profound knowledge. As she is not only fluent in Swiss-German but also in French, she supports many of our customers from French-speaking Switzerland and thus opens up further new opportunities for us to drive digitalization forward. What she likes most about the team is the ease with which they work together. Every employee who joins brings their own unique skills and moves the team forward.

I see the Zurich location as a well-established Salesforce boutique partner in Switzerland in the next five years. Not only in the German part, but also in the French part.

Julianne Teber

Julianne Teber joined the Swiss Salesfive team in November 2020. She started as a Salesforce Consultant and is looking forward to further training and developing her career path for the future. What she likes most about the team is the good "vibes" and the helpfulness. The team consists not only of colleagues at work, but also of friends!

In five years, I definitely see us still in Zurich in the city, but in a bigger office. We will serve more clients from the premium segment and become the "go to" Salesforce boutique partner in the DACH region.

Carolin Ackermann

Carolin Ackermann is a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Salesfive in Zurich and also a Cloud Futura participant. After moving from Accenture to Salesfive as a Salesforce Consultant two years ago, she participated in Salesforce's Cloud Futura program and was certified as a Sales Executive. What she likes most about the team is that everyone is dynamic, flexible and helps each other.

The Zurich location of Salesfive GmbH will be the headquarters of the best Salesforce implementation partner in Switzerland.

Thank you!

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Finally, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success! A big thank you goes to all our colleagues at Salesfive and to our partners at Salesforce. We are looking forward to a successful future with you.