Summer, sun, co-working

Off to the sun for the Offsite Challenge 2023

Twelve Fivers won a trip together this year based on their exceptional performance. A few insights into this special workation.

This time two destinations - Portugal and Spain!

The Salesfive Offsite Challenge is writing a new chapter. This year, we have raised the bar even higher and selected two dream destinations for our top performers. Out of a total of 12 winners, six were able to feel the sun on their skin in Portugal, while the other six were able to enjoy the cultural diversity of Spain.

Why do we do that? Because at Salesfive, we recognize and appreciate the dedication and passion of our teams. Our Fivers are the heart of our company, and we firmly believe that excellence should be celebrated accordingly.

A look back: The birth of the Offsite Challenge

In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, the concept of the Offsite Challenge was born. At a time when personal exchange and teambuilding were almost impossible and our team events had to be paused, the idea of a special appreciation event was born. Fivers who have excelled in their field are given the chance to spend a workation together in a special place.

Salesfive is continuously growing, with offices in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Through the Offsite Challenge, we want to ensure that the team spirit that defines us always remains alive, despite the distance.

Directly from first hand

What our Fivers took away

A selection of feedback and pictures from our Offsite Challenge winners

Our week in Portugal was simply amazing! I can't stop thinking about our early morning coffees by the sea - that view was out of this world. Working together in unison was also a highlight. And the after-work chats by the pool? Priceless. But nothing beats the sunset meetings on the beach, followed by our dinners together. Those are the memories that will stay with me forever. I loved every bit of it.

– Ashkan Es Haghi

Delicious local cuisine

What I will remember from the week: the first cup of coffee by the sea, the regular cooling down in the pool, the breathtaking sunsets with a glass of wine, the very entertaining barbecues with my colleagues and our visit to a small restaurant where we got to know and love the local cuisine. Many thanks to Salesfive for the wonderful week and especially to my colleagues for the great time!

– Felicia Mühlbauer

Our Spanish tour group

We had the great opportunity to make a trip to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona - that was very impressive. Also, as a hobby cyclist, I remember the great bike tour with beautiful sea views. All around a perfect experience!

– Alexandra Rauscher

Lonely beach bays

This trip offered me a whole new working atmosphere. During the day, while working, we were able to exchange and discuss topics immediately, and in the evening we had the chance to switch off on lonely Spanish beaches or cook together. A unique work-life balance!

- Erik Nicholas

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