Off to Greece - Offsite Challenge 2022

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Offsite Challenge in Greece!

Here's to a new one! It was time again for the Salesfive Offsite Challenge. What it is. A competition where 15 of our Fivers from different teams and departments were selected to spend ten days on the beautiful island of Corfu. Why we do this? Because we know how much our employees achieve every day, how high their commitment and motivation are - so we want to give something back. Because where would we be without our Fivers?

The idea of the Offsite Challenge

But how did the idea for the Offsite Challenge come about in the first place? It was held for the first time in 2021. At that time, we were in the middle of the Corona crisis. There was hardly any exchange between employees from different locations, and our legendary team events couldn't take place either. Yet exchange, team building and knowledge transfer are incredibly important, especially for a company like Salesfive: We're growing fast and have offices all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The solution? A little time out, take a breath and gather strength - with the Offsite Challenge. So an appreciation for very good performance combined with a sound basis of trust were the driving forces behind this new benefit, which was to take place again this year.

Our 15 participants went to a beautiful house in the mountains at the end of September. Because good work has to be rewarded - and it is even nicer to see how much the Fivers enjoyed it and how much they enjoyed the change and the time together.

Chanel Kaba:

I enjoyed it very much! It did incredibly well and although we were 15 people who did not know each other very well, I'm amazed how super we got along throughout!

Alexandra Rauscher:

At first, I had a bit of respect for leaving with such a large group. But it worked out great because everyone helped out together and the atmosphere was really good.

Salesfive team by the sea

And despite work, leisure time has not been neglected either

Moritz Lugbauer:

It was so much fun! We had a good mix between free time and work. But of course, the view of the sea from the office is hard to beat.

Jasper Todte:

We have looked at the island a bit over the weekend, visited 1-2 viewpoints and beaches - very beautiful island, clear recommendation.

Chanel Kaba:

We have often gone for a swim in the sea in the morning before work or had a coffee together in the café around the corner.

Thank you for your feedback - the next Offsite Challenge will be in summer 2023. Here are some impressions, we are looking forward to next year!

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