Family friendliness at Salesfive

Flexible working hours, home office options and a true work-life balance are just some of the measures we take to support our employees in balancing work and family life.

Hund mit Familie im Hintergrund

Salesfive supports families and career

Family or career? At Salesfive, we know that both are possible! There is no doubt that family friendliness can contribute to the success of a company. That's why one thing is particularly important to us: we want to be a top employer not only before the birth of a child, but of course also in the period afterwards, right up to when a child returns to work after maternity or paternity leave, for example. It is very important to us to create a culture in which we focus on, take into account and firmly establish childcare.

One of the most family-friendly companies in Germany

For the seventh time, freundin and kununu award the "Most family-friendly employers" seal. In 2022, more than 2 million reviews were received on 175,000 companies and we are very proud of the result:

Salesfive is one of the most family-friendly consulting companies in Germany!

Particularly in this day and age, family friendliness is an important value for employers in order to survive successfully even in crisis situations. For the award-winning companies, it demonstrates a great appreciation of their employees and a responsible approach to them.

This is the opinion of Mateja Mögel, Editor-in-Chief of freundin Verlag. In addition to the working atmosphere, salary, work-life balance and equality, current and former employees from all work groups, sectors and career levels were allowed to evaluate one thing in particular: the family-friendly offers such as flexible working hours, the possibility of working from home, childcare and company pension schemes. At Salesfive, we try to meet these criteria as best we can.

Image by Alexander Bartels

Alexander Bartels, Managing Director and Father

I'm very proud that Salesfive has managed to give employees the opportunity not to have to choose between family and career aspirations. As a father myself, I know how great it is to get support from the company - but also from colleagues.

Childcare support, flexible working hours & more 

With us both parents get each

Maternity or paternity leave

. Especially in the first weeks after the birth, it is important to be able to care for your offspring without worries and to support each other as parents. 

In addition, there is the

  • Emergency Childcare Option. If the child is sick and you have no possibility to organize care and accordingly have to stay away from work, you can log off from work with a 1-click absence option in our internal system and you are excused for the respective period. Further we offer

  • financial support for the care of non-school-age children in daycare centers and kindergartens. Last but not least, we naturally offer all

  • Options an, which generally enable more flexible working

  • : Home office option (also spontaneous if you have to go home at short notice during the day), adaptable working hours in case of emergencies of any kind, carrying out customer appointments remotely even spontaneously.

What our employees say

Today, family friendliness is part of many employers' corporate strategy. Often it is more appearance than reality. That's why we want you to see for yourself! That's what our working parents say:

Manuel millerEspecially in times of Corona, the challenge of balancing everything has become even greater. Home office and the self-determined way of working help incredibly to create a meaningful connection between work and family. Salesfive supports with direct support from the management to master the challenge with closed Kitas and offers many more useful compensations that are far above those of other employers!

Alexander Mette: If Corona or other illnesses lead to unforeseen "school children unfortunately have to stay at home today" situations, it is never a problem not to go to the office or to customers at short notice. Home office with understanding colleagues is an absolute matter of course at Salesfive.

Steffen Garbe: It's important to me to pick up my little one from daycare every now and then and to eat together with the family during the lunch break. Thanks to very flexible working hours, the possibility to do home office and the support of the team, this is no problem - thank you Fiver!

Paul Canoij: Pandemic or not, Salesfive permanently offers the opportunity to work from home at any time. Especially for me as a newly minted father, this makes it possible to help out between meetings or during breaks, but also to take my little one to the pediatrician or anywhere else. The newly introduced financial support for childcare also makes Salesfive a great employer for parents.

We want both to be possible for you: family AND career. Are you looking for a job that combines work, family, training and fun? Take a look at our open positions at one of our six locations. We are sure there is a suitable job for you, too!

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