Diversity at Salesfive

Innovation through diversity.

Why diversity is important to us

Colorful, powerful, tolerant, inclusive, empathetic and respectful - that's diversity for us: a big issue that starts with the smallest steps. We live in an increasingly diverse society - whether in terms of origin, attitude to life or worldview. And that's precisely why diversity is more than just a trend. For us, harnessing this valuable diversity is not just a matter of sociopolitical responsibility, but also an economic necessity.

For us, diversity means innovation. That's why at Salesfive we know that through a diverse collection of people, we can achieve a variety of solutions, ideas, visions and improvements every day. Each individual brings different perspectives, influences and goals to our team - this can only result in something new that is revolutionary for the future. That's why it's our daily ambition to foster a diverse work environment and a colorful corporate culture.


Our progress so far

Salesfive is for every:n

We listen to our employees as well as our customers and offer a safe space. That is why we attach great importance to a trusting cooperation.

Leading by example

A team of employees is constantly working towards our goal of becoming a little more diverse every day, celebrating inclusion and solidifying this attitude at Salesfive.

Open communication

Our whistleblower system offers our employees a tool for open communication. Contact persons help to handle problem situations in a trustworthy manner.

Our support

At Salesfive, we want to drive change and break down boundaries. That's why we set an example and are part of various initiatives, such as Nushu - a Female Business Network.

Create Awarness

Through various workshops, events and lectures, we promote awareness of tolerant, respectful and inclusive coexistence among our Fivern.

Code of Conduct

Respectful behavior in the workplace is important to us. Therefore, we have a Code of Conduct that specifies how employees behave in a legally correct as well as ethically and socially responsible manner.

We present

Wenjun Zhang

"A fish dies if there is only water in the aquarium. It needs other fish, corals and also stones to live well. It's very similar in the work context. We also need diversity to be inspired - different perspectives and ways of thinking help us find faster and better solutions."

We present

Nadine Kieffer

"Salesfive is a motley rainbow of diversity - and every:r individual Fiver is 100% accepted just the way he/she is. They are respected. Because we have a zero-tolerance policy - no one is discriminated against."

We present

Makau Mutuku

"As a person of color, I feel valued in an environment that is equally supportive and welcoming to people of different backgrounds and origins - and that's exactly what Salesfive offers me. They promote acceptance, understanding and cohesion."

We present

Moritz Manegold

"I would like to see more diversity taken for granted and a reduction in prejudices and stereotypes in people's minds. I am glad that with Salesfive I have found a company that shares these wishes and goals with me."

Florian Gehring, Co-Founder of Salesfive

Diversity has always been important at Salesfive

"For us, it has never been crucial which country our employees come from, which language they speak, what they believe in or who they love - quite the opposite: the more colorful, the better. What was and still is important to us is that they should have the necessary know-how, possess the Fiver spirit, bring new perspectives and be able to get things done. That's exactly how we as Salesfive have achieved our success. Because for us, diversity means innovation."

Initiatives we support

We offer our help where it is needed.

Bring Women Back To Work

We support women returning to work after a long career break: With "Bring Women Back to Work" Salesforce partners are provided with a program that enables them to recruit new talent by supporting women returning to work after a career break.

ReDi School

Digital education for more integration: the project of the ReDI School of Digital Integration. Here, volunteer teaching partners teach and expand technical knowledge to refugees. Salesfive is part of this great program as a Salesforce Teacher.

Female Fivers

We are committed to more women in professional life: Our Female Fiver group is a space full of empowerment for every woman at Salesfive. We strengthen and support each other, and new ideas are openly discussed and implemented. In particular to make everyday life a little easier for the Female Fivers in the company.

Actions speak louder than words

Christopher Street Day with Salesforce

Together with Salesforce, we walked in the CSD 2022 in Zurich. A colorful festival where we celebrated the diversity of people. We are looking forward to the Pride Walks we will participate in the future!