Environmental protection

Climate-neutral digitization

We are constantly working to minimize our carbon footprint. To do this, Salesfive follows the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and supports the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. But for us, being carbon neutral means much more. It means real and consistent change across the board.

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Together for the future of our climate

As a company, we are committed to long-term climate protection. This can only be achieved with concrete measures. And in fact in all areas where a change is possible. Our goal is net zero emissions.
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Avoid own CO2 emissions

Through internal initiatives, we are promoting public transport and switching to sustainable travel. With these and other measures, we will reduce per capita emissions to an absolute minimum by 2030.

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Use 100% green electricity

The core of our value creation is digitization. That is why we attach particular importance to a complete switch to renewable energies. This is how we are paving the way to a climate-neutral future.

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Invest in CO2 reduction and sequestration projects

We offset all CO2 emissions that we cannot avoid. For example, through long-term partnerships with charitable projects such as the protection of the Borneo rainforest.

The start has been made: Climate neutral since 2020

In line with the UN's 13th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), we are committed to taking active action to protect our climate. We have already been able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to such an extent that we have been climate-neutral since 2020.
5 %

Scope 1 emissions*

* According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHP); base year 2020.

17 %

Scope 2 emissions*

78 %

Scope 3 emissions*

Our goal: Net Zero

The first stage has thus been completed. Now we need to maintain our successes and further reduce our carbon footprint. In the future, we will continue to take further measures to achieve our Net Zero target by 2030.

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Bee sponsorship

Thousands of helpers for our climate

90% of global food production consists of plants. Of this, 71% relies on pollination by bees. The increasing extinction of bees and the dwindling of biodiversity already show clear losses in the environment and agriculture. High time, therefore, to protect the bees.

That's why we are partners of myHONEY and help protect nature and the environment with our own bee colony. This colony alone can pollinate 500 million flowers and plants in a year and significantly increase agricultural yields.

Hydropower plants in Central America

The three Central American states of Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua lie between the Atlantic and the Pacific. The border region is highly underdeveloped and characterized by poverty. The Guacamaya Program utilizes the abundant water resources in the region by running small river systems through turbines to generate electricity.

In this way, the project also supplies remote communities with clean electricity, enabling the development and maintenance of local infrastructure. Strict monitoring and reporting requirements also ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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Protection of the rainforest in Borneo

The REED+ project in Borneo is saving 64,500 hectares of peat swamp forests with high biodiversity in the lowlands from conversion into palm oil plantations, which surround the entire project area. Thus, not only the climate but also biodiversity and wildlife habitat are protected. In total, more than 120 endangered species live in the protected area, including the endangered Bornean orangutan. Local communities are also being trained in sustainable agriculture.

The project is accredited by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCBS).

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We support all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Depicted are all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

100 % digitization with 100 % green electricity

Our aspiration is sustainable digitization. This does not just mean switching to climate-efficient servers or green electricity. Our offices are equipped with smart lighting and heating systems that enable us to significantly reduce consumption. Even in the home office, we support the switch to green electricity to further minimize per capita emissions.

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